Terms & Conditions


Main Terms

  • All orders are confirmed only on a payment of 100% as advance.
  • Orders once confirmed cannot be cancelled.
  • No refund or returns, after confirmation of your booking.
  • There will be no further discount applicable on our prices.

General Terms

These general terms (including the Privacy Policy) apply to anyone visiting www.vfixservices.in or using any of our products and services. Please take the time to read them because you should not use our website unless you agree to these general terms and our 

If you have any questions, then please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

One Time Service

1. It is the responsibility of the Client to verify the V-FIX ID card of the technician before allowing him inside the premises
2. The client needs to monitor the activity of the technician for the entire duration of service.
3. If the client intends V-FIX to procure any necessary spare parts for the services then an additional handling charge of 20% will be charged .
4. Any electrical & plumbing works undertaken by V-FIX technicians will carry a warranty period of one month from the date of service. Any re occurrence of the same issue will entitle the Client for a free service.
5. The warranty shall not be applicable in case the faulty spare part is not replaced on Client's instruction.
6. It is the responsibility of the V-Fix technician to clean the place of service undertaken.
7. The technician shall bring all tools and consumables required for the service.
8. Tools are defined as " A device used to perform a particular service" and consumables are defined as " a commodity used frequently in association or to aid the main gadget to perform smoothly"
9. In general terms, consumables include: waste cloth, garbage bags, screws, oils, soap oils, chemicals to clean, cleaning cloth, Nail holder (Ghatta) and nails.
10. Paint, polish, missing spares and anything not mentioned above are not considered as consumables.
11. The Client is expected to interact directly with the call centre or V-FIX office for any service requests or warranty related issues. Calling the technician directly amounts to breach of contract  and can entail termination of the subscription with immediate effect.
12. All payments can be made through cash, cheque or online payment. A receipt shall be issued for all payments made.
13. Any government levies and taxes shall be payable as applicable from time to time.
14. All preventive maintenance calls will be serviced through pre fixed appointments, which needs to be confirmed at least 24 hours in advance.
15.The Client needs to make the payment for the service availed immediately and no delay in payments will be entertained.
16. All cheque payments shall be in the name of " V-FIX Facility Management Services Private Ltd"
17. V-FIX Facility Management Services employs trained, qualified and experienced technicians to carry out all services offered by V-FIX. In case of any instances where the technician is not able to  carry out any activity due to complexity/ adversity, V-FIX, shall find a suitable team who can  complete the service successfully. Clients are requested to co operate in these instances. However, these situations are rare and won’t occur often.

All disputes are subject to Bengaluru Jurisdiction only.

Annual Subscription Terms & Conditions

1. The subscriber confirms to the subscriber terms & conditions of V-FIX Facility Management Services Pvt. Ltd.
2. The subscriber shall be a member of the V-FIX Facility Management Service for a period of 1 (One) year from the date of signing of the subscriber terms & conditions
3. The subscription needs to be renewed at the end of one year at the prevalent market rates to continue services.
4. The subscription fee paid is non refundable and non transferable.
5. In case of shift of residence within Bengaluru city, the unutilized service shall be rendered to the new residence. In such case; the subscriber needs to formally communicate the new place of residence and after verification by V-fix Team, V-fix shall confirm service continuation.
6. Additional amount will be charged for any increase in area of residence if applicable.
7. All free services are as per the definition and standardized process of the company as defined in the terms in our website.
8. Any additional service requested by the subscriber shall attract additional charges, which shall be communicated before the service.
9.Any free service (Electrical, Plumbing) under this category will be a repair service only; not exceeding 120 minutes of on-site work per visit.
10. The subscriber needs to lodge the service request through the official call centre or through the website only. Any direct call to the technician is considered breach of contract and can lead to the immediate termination of the subscription with immediate effect.
11. All repair works are covered under warranty and any call for the same problem within the predefined time shall be free of cost.
12. All warranties offered by V-fix are only to the extent of service and labour cost only. The warranty is not applicable on materials, spares, fittings, fixtures or any other device.
13. All repair service requests shall be serviced within 120 minutes. In case of exceptional cases, the time of arrival of the technician will be communicated in advance.
15. All preventive maintenance service request appointment needs to be fixed at least 24 hours in advance.
16. The service time guarantee shall not be applicable on public holidays, bundh days and festival days.
17. V-fix liability is restricted to the extent of service Package amount only.
18. All disputes are subject to Bengaluru Jurisdiction Only.
19. All service charges attract applicable taxes which can vary from time to time.


All disputes are subject to Bangalore City Jurisdiction only.