Tank / Sump Cleaning

It is extremely important that we clean our sump and water tank regularly to ensure we use hygienic water for our daily chores. Neglect in cleaning the water tank has led to fatal diseases like cholera and typhoid. The root cause in most cases is the fact that the sump and water tank not being cleaned.
It is advised strongly that every sump and overhead tank is cleaned at least once in three months to maintain the required hygiene standards.

What We Do?.

  • Dewatering - Removal of Water from the Sump
  • Scrubbing the Sump and Over Head Tank, manually to remove the dirt fungus and hard stains
  • High prssure Jet Cleaning at the walls, floor and ceilings of Sump
  • Vacuumed cleaning the surface and removal of water
  • Anti bacterial sprays for ceiling and inside walls of Sump & overhead tank
  • UV radiation to destroy remaining bacteria if any


  • Cleaning service for 1 overhead tank + 1 Sump
  • max sump capacity is 8000 lts
  • Max overhead tank capacity is 1000 lts
  • Additional charges applicable if the capacity of the tank & sump more than the specified limit

One Time Service

Up To 8000 Ltrs INR 1249/-
*Extra INR 199/- for every additional 1000 Ltrs

1249 + Tax

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